#whyBTD – Mike Krengel, Operations Shift Lead-Stamping, Dawsonville, GA

“The people here are great. There is always a sense of teamwork when it comes to getting things done and that is part of why I think BTD is a great place to work. I also see many opportunities for advancement and training and I think that makes it a great fit for anyone.”


Mike had been working for a roofing company when a friend of his at BTD told him about the opportunities the company offered and how he felt it was a great place to work. Mike decided to apply and was hired as a production operator in the stamping department. Soon he learned this role would be a stepping stone on his career path at BTD.  After a week on the job, Mike was asked to remove a die. He had no experience with tooling, but that didn’t stop him from getting the job done—he simply taught himself how to do it. Mike went on to become a stamping setup for eight years before moving to the tooling department where he worked for another eight years as production support. From there, Mike moved into a lead position in the stamping department where he has been for the last 11 years. When BTD expanded stamping capabilities in the south, Mike took the opportunity and moved to Georgia, where he now works at our Dawsonville facility. He’s been growing with us since 1994.  It’s this type of perspective—seeing challenges as opportunities and making those opportunities available— that make BTD what it is today. Thank you, Mike for all you do.