#whyBTD – Caitlyn Mathis, production setup, Dawsonville, GA

Why did you join BTD?

I thought it was a great financial opportunity out of school.

What did you know about manufacturing and/or BTD prior to starting to work here?

Absolutely nothing.  I came in with no experience and was able to learn the job with help from my team.

How have you navigated the career pathing at BTD?  Or, how has your career evolved? 

I started as a production operator and learned as much as I could to set up machines and became production setup.

How did you take advantage of training opportunities at BTD?

I absorbed as much knowledge from my trainers and co-workers in spot weld.  I plan to job shadow in the hand weld department to gain more experience.

Why should others want to apply to work at BTD?  Also, what advice do you have for them?

BTD is a respectful environment and has so many opportunities for growth and career choices.  If you are thinking about applying, you should definitely do it!

#whyBTD – Trevor Stilke, manufacturing leader, Detroit Lakes, MN