BTD's Fabrication department utilizes the latest advancements in technology and innovative methods to provide superior quality product.

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BTD's Tooling Group has a long standing reputation for being a full-service tooling provider. The coupling of our craftsman with the latest technology allows us to provide timely, high quality tools with superior service.

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BTD's Tubing Department creates industry leading engineered tubular products - providing a value that supports you, the customer.

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Regardless of your part protection requirements, BTD has a solution for you. BTD offers state of the art, production powder coating systems in multiple locations. In our MN locations, we offer a CNC controlled powder coating paint system that includes an in-line shot blast and wash system. In our GA facility, we offer an Autophoretic (A-Coat) liquid primer system with Powder top-coat. We meet or exceed our customers most demanding salt spray requirements.

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BTD's Stamping Department is the cornerstone of our organization's history. The knowledge of our staff, in conjunction with the technological advancements in tooling capabilities, has enabled BTD to produce the highest quality products for high volume needs at a value the customers appreciate.

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BTD's advanced welding capabilities deliver welded products that differentiate us from our competition based on superior quality and craftsmanship.

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BTD's Machining Department consists of highly-skilled production machinists who have embraced the technology of advanced tooling and equipment.

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BTD strives to provide a full-service experience for the customer. The exceptional aptitude provided by BTD’s Assembly Department offers the consistent reliability our customers need to support their growing business.

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BTD can produce prototypes faster, more reliably, and often less expensively thanks to our dedicated Research and Development resources. With specific machines, experienced staff, and cutting-edge technology solely dedicated to the front-end work of complicated projects, we can take your ideas from inspiration to implementation.

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When you need a part, you want it fast. When it’s your busy season, you don’t have time to wait. When you’re planning for growth, you need a partner who can keep up. By working with our customers to set up a stocking program, planning ahead, and being ready the moment you need inventory, we can help stay ahead of demand and get necessary parts out the door within hours, not days.

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BTD’s Quality Department provides assurance to our customers that their required quality standards are being consistently inspected and monitored by our highly experienced staff and state-of-the-art equipment.

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