BTD can produce prototypes faster, more reliably, and often less expensively thanks to our dedicated Research and Development resources. With specific machines, experienced staff, and cutting-edge technology solely dedicated to the front-end work of complicated projects, we can take your ideas from inspiration to implementation.

Research and Development Services


30,000 square feet of our facility are devoted solely to designing, producing, and perfecting prototypes for testing instead of having to wait for a break in the production schedule for your project to move forward.

Our facility houses all the machines necessary to fab, weld, machine and paint most anything imaginable and our R&D staff of 30 employee is dedicated to only this service.


AutoForm software allows our design team to shave valuable time and dollars off your project plan by delivering faster and more reliable feasibility evaluations. By working closely with engineers earlier in the process, and by incorporating the remarkable capabilities of this technology, formability checks can eliminate costly late changes in part design.


By turning out prototype and short-run parts in days or sometimes even hours, you can drastically reduce the timeline of development and manufacturing as well as total time to market.