A Career in Manufacturing: Finding a Place to Thrive

Ron Dunston at Career in Manufacturing at BTD

A Career in Manufacturing #whyBTD-Ron Dunston, 2nd Shift Weld Lead When Ron first joined BTD Manufacturing, he had one goal in mind: to improve his financial situation. Little did he know that his decision would lead to so much more. From the moment he set foot in the company, Ron realized that BTD offered more…

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Working at BTD | Bryan’s 20 Years with BTD 

Working at BTD-Bryan Janke

Working at BTD A Journey of Growth: Bryan’s 20 Years with BTD  When Bryan started working at BTD, he was still a high school student looking to earn some extra money. He started his journey in the Stamping department, but it was in the Tooling department that his true passion was sparked. BTD recognized his…

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Being a Warehouse Leader at BTD

Brad Anderson-BTD Detroit Lakes

From Shipper to Warehouse Leader at BTD: Brad’s Journey Brad’s journey at BTD Manufacturing began when he was 16 years old when he worked in the warehouse during the summer. After moving to Arizona he continued his career in manufacturing, working in a variety of roles, including assembly and production for 10 years. Then, he…

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#whyBTD – Clay Schenck, program manager, Detroit Lakes, MN

Clay Schenck, program manager at BTD

From the battlefield to the welding booth This former military member had his sights set on TIG welding on the open road. But after learning about BTD, he realized his career path was leading him in a new direction. Here’s what Clay Schenck, program manager at our Detroit Lakes facility likes most about working at…

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#whyBTD – Trevor Stilke, manufacturing leader, Detroit Lakes, MN

whyBTD Trevor Stilke Blog image

Trevor started his career in Detroit Lakes, MN in 2011 and over the years has worked in many departments, including Robot weld, Welding, Fabrication and Tubing. His career at BTD has allowed him to learn a variety of skills through a variety of roles that have taken him from a production operator to a production…

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#whyBTD-Taylor Mundahl, Welding shift lead, Lakeville, MN

Taylor Mundahl Welding shift lead in Lakeville, Minnesota

Why did you join BTD?   Years ago I found out I was going to be a father and needed a stable job/career.  I was referred by an employee of BTD who is still with the company as well. What did you know about manufacturing and/or BTD prior to starting here?  When I first started…

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#whyBTD – Keith Yonemura, L&D Lead, Detroit Lakes

Keith Yonemura 1

Keith started at BTD in April 2018 as a Sheet Laser Set Up. He came to BTD for an opportunity to work with our production laser. Since then, Keith grew into his role as Fabrication lead and in July 2022 he accepted his current position as L&D Leader.    What do you like best about…

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