#whyBTD-Taylor Mundahl, Welding shift lead, Lakeville, MN

Why did you join BTD?  

Years ago I found out I was going to be a father and needed a stable job/career.  I was referred by an employee of BTD who is still with the company as well.

What did you know about manufacturing and/or BTD prior to starting here? 

When I first started I knew nothing about manufacturing, let alone steel manufacturing.  I did know that I worked well with manual labor and was good at working with my hands.

How have you taken advantage of the training opportunities at BTD? 

I’ve been able to work under Justin Huspek who has been a great mentor to me.  With everything he showed me and the drive to learn more and do better, I’ve been able to excel and become AWS certified.

How have you navigated the career pathing to BTD, and how has your career evolved? 

A lot of what I’ve learned has been ‘on-the-job’ learning time.  Showing myself and my team my manual work skills and work ethic, I was showing I could do the job.  I’ve been with BTD for more than 11 years starting in Blanking, Lazers, Paint, and now in Welding as a shift lead.

Why should others apply to work at BTD, and what advice do you have for them? 

BTD has been a place where I’ve been able to excel in my career and in turn, create stability and balance for my family.

#whyBTD – Keith Yonemura, L&D Lead, Detroit Lakes