#whyBTD – Keidra Anderson, shift lead, Detroit Lakes

Keidra has been with BTD for six years holding positions in production and setup. In January of 2021 she was promoted to shift lead in fabrication.


What do you like best about working an off shift?

I like my co-workers and the schedule gives me the opportunities to do things during the day on my own time.


Why BTD?

Once I graduated high school I was going to take a year off of school before enrolling in college so I needed a job. I started at BTD and found I enjoyed working here and growing my career. It has opened my mind to more opportunities than what I could have achieved if I had followed through with my college plans. 


Why is BTD a great place to work?

BTD enables people to grow in different aspects of the business. I can grow a career here in the same building along with co-workers I already know.