Let’s Talk Shop-James Vogt, Dir. of Operations Georgia

Let’s Talk Shop is BTD’s quarterly series of articles that features insights into each of our shops. Whether it’s efficiency enhancements, process improvements or reflecting on how we’re making BTD one of the best places to work; we believe that sharing information and recognizing achievements are the key to growing an innovative, customer-focused company from Georgia to Minnesota.


When our customers grow, we grow with them, from square footage and equipment to the people who make it all happen. Here are just a few of the improvements we’ve been working on in our Georgia facilities:

Room to Grow

We’ve added 70,000 square feet of space with the opening of our Buford warehouse—that is nearly three-quarters the size of the average city block! The expanded area ensures we’re poised to meet the growing needs of our customers. With the move of our warehouse to Buford, we have rearranged the production floor to optimize production flow and drive efficiencies. 

Expanded Capabilities

A newly added 300-ton servo press with a high-speed feedline allows us to process about 30,000 lbs of coiled steel daily out of our Georgia production facility. In addition to our stamping expansion, we’ve upgraded our 4K fiber laser to 6K fiber laser, which enables optimum cutting speeds.

Improved Efficiencies

Sometimes the best efficiency improvement ideas come from our BTD team members. One of the most recently implemented improvements was utilizing our dual-arm robot to eliminate a hand-welding operation within a high-volume production part.  

Cost Savings

Little things add up, and when it comes to consumables this couldn’t be truer. We are dedicated to finding opportunities to be more sustainable and cost conscious with everyday supplies and materials. Fitting each person with properly sized gloves and establishing a reasonable replacement time, puts us on track to cut our annual glove costs nearly in half. 

 Employee Engagement

We are laser focused on our customers and their needs, but we couldn’t do it without great employees who feel valued. Our talent solutions initiative ensures we have a regular, open dialogue with each employee about their career goals. These ongoing one-on-ones ensure people are aligned with their interests and skill-sets. This alignment ensures that as BTD grows with its customers, our employees grow with us.