Aligning all four of our locations with new equipment

We believe as a manufacturer it’s our responsibility to provide our customers like you with the right parts and to do it while meeting your delivery requirements. To ensure we can achieve this as demand grows, we’ve invested in new, light fabrication equipment at our Washington, Illinois facility.

A new 10K laser is optimizing cutting efficiency and streamlining our operations. The addition of 40- and 90-ton press brakes allow us to meet a wider range of specifications while ensuring high-quality results. And, our new dual-arm robotic welder can handle tasks simultaneously, allowing us to make more parts in less time.

Growing our light fabrication capabilities in Washington means we now have similar capabilities across all four of our production sites. Because manufacturing is about growing with our customer’s needs and figuring out how we can do that best.

Have questions about how our new equipment can meet your needs? Contact us today!