#whyBTD – Mike Lulay, machining lead, Washington, IL

Mike Luley Why BTD

Mike Lulay is the machining department lead at our Washington, Illinois facility. When he joined our team 11 years ago he brought a wealth of knowledge with him from his 12 years of machining experience. Even so, joining BTD was a new experience and one he embraced. 

“I still felt like a fish out of water when I got here,” he said. 

Mike adds that he likes working off-shifts because it allows him to really gauge what he’s doing.  He’s able to keep to his work while paying attention to those he’s mentoring on the job.  He also appreciates the laid-back feel and slower pace that comes with working off-shifts as it allows him to ensure quality is where it needs to be. 

“BTD is a place where I can definitely grow and continue to do so,” he said. “ When you come to a company with 12 years experience already and you can still improve and find more experience, that is where I want to be.” 

The opportunities to learn and grow are something Mike values greatly. At BTD, he knows he can do that.