Marty Kiebke

VP of Shared Services | Employee since 2000

  • Role

    VP of Shared Services

    Since 2000, Marty has held a passion for seeing BTD turn raw materials into high-quality steel parts for its world-class customer base. During his tenure, Marty has been involved with every facet of the company; from Quality & IT to Materials & Systems. While he's seen technology come a long way over the years, he's excited to see how it will continue to improve productivity and enhance the company's capabilities.

  • When did you start at BTD?

    July, 2000

  • Education Information

    Associate’s Degree in Accounting from Foothill College and studied at San Jose State University.

  • Prior Positions

    At BTD, Marty has held the following roles: Quality Tech, IT Manager, VP of Materials/Systems. Prior to coming to BTD, Marty spent 15+ years in operations management positions at various software companies on the west coast.

  • What are you most passionate about in the business?

    Turning raw material into high quality steel parts for our world-class customer base.

  • What gets you motivated in the morning?

    Finding ways to incorporate technology into our existing business practices to improve productivity and enhance our capabilities.

Marty Kibke