#whyBTD – Jim Enneking Controller, Lakeville

Why did I choose BTD? I wanted to be a part of an organization that made their values an integral part of their story. In our personal lives, our values define us. Those values guide us in how we live our lives, raise our children and interact with our neighbors and communities. In business, the same should be true. Values should tell the story of how a company does what it does every day.

At BTD, our values guide us and differentiate us in the marketplace. Living out our values of Integrity, Safety, People, Performance and Community starts with our leadership and is carried forward at each level of our organization. From delivering on our promises to keeping everyone safe and from acting on opportunities to improving the communities where we work and live, our BTD values are not just words on a website; they are the driving force in how we do what we do.

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