Working at BTD | Bryan’s 20 Years with BTD 

Working at BTD

A Journey of Growth: Bryan’s 20 Years with BTD 

Working at BTD-Bryan JankeWhen Bryan started working at BTD, he was still a high school student looking to earn some extra money. He started his journey in the Stamping department, but it was in the Tooling department that his true passion was sparked. BTD recognized his potential and awarded him a scholarship to attend Alexandria Technical and Community College for Machine, Tool, and Die.

After completing his education, Bryan returned to BTD as a toolmaker. Throughout his 20-year tenure, he has held various roles, including production support, EDM, weld fixtures, and design, and currently, he serves as a shift lead.

So, why did Bryan choose to stay with BTD for two decades? The answer is simple: the people. In addition, every day is a new challenge as he is constantly faced with exciting tasks and projects. As a result, Bryan experiences a tremendous sense of accomplishment at the end of each day.

BTD Manufacturing has provided Bryan with opportunities to expand his skills and knowledge, allowing him to explore different areas of expertise within the company. From working with various tools and technologies to leading a team, each role has contributed to his personal and professional growth.

Bryan’s story is a testament to the opportunities and growth that can be achieved through dedication, a supportive work environment and a passion for what you do.


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