#whyBTD – Abe Tappe Director of Sales, North Region in Detroit Lakes

As I prepared for my informal employment interview and shop tour 25 years ago, I wondered, what kind of tools does Bismarck Tool and Die make? I was not very familiar with the company but had heard it was a good place to work and a challenge to get a job offer. As I made my way through the facility, I saw tooling, stamping and fabrication equipment that I had never seen before and a fast-paced production environment that I felt I might like to try. I received an opportunity to join the team based off my commitment to show up on time every day, work hard and listen to all of those teaching me the skills needed to be successful at BTD. 

One of the reasons I feel BTD is a great place to work is because of their commitment to employee growth. I have personally experienced multiple job changes throughout my career and have learned greatly from all of them. Whether a potential employee is starting as a student, construction worker, farmer, truck driver or other occupation, your commitment to personal growth will determine where the path takes you within BTD.

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