#whyBTD-Ron Dunston, 2nd Shift Weld Lead

Ron Dunston at Career in Manufacturing at BTDA Career in Manufacturing: Finding a Place to Thrive

When Ron first joined BTD Manufacturing, he had one goal in mind: to improve his financial situation. Little did he know that his decision would lead to so much more. From the moment he set foot in the company, Ron realized that BTD offered more than just a paycheck. It provided him with unparalleled opportunities for personal and professional growth.

“I chose BTD because I felt I could better myself financially, but when I got here I got so much more,” he reflects. 

The company’s commitment to employee development and its supportive culture proved to be invaluable. Ron soon discovered that BTD not only cared about his role within the company but also about his growth as an individual.

He’s eagerly embraced the chances to learn and expand his skills. But beyond the technical aspects of his job, Ron finds fulfillment in being part of a team.

“I look forward to growing as a team here,” he said. “I actually enjoy coming to work and trying my best to make a difference, one person at a time.”

As he navigated his career journey at BTD, Ron realized that this was a place he could see himself retiring from. For Ron, it’s not only because BTD offered financial stability but because it provided a genuine opportunity for personal and professional growth. It became a place where he could chase his dreams, expand his horizons, and make a difference—both within the company and in his own life.

With BTD, a career becomes so much more than just a job—it becomes a path to a great future.

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